CME Group Foundation 2023 Year in Review

In this year’s Dashboard Report series, we review metrics of success across grantmaking initiatives, including Early Childhood Education/Kindergarten Readiness, K-12 Education, Computer Science, and College and Career Success.


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CME Group Foundation Scholar Stories: Azizat Balogun

In this video interview, CME Group Foundation Executive Director Eva Giglio speaks to Azizat Balogun about her experience as a Scholar and intern at CME Group.

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Foundation Grantee Spotlight: Braven Celebrates a Decade of Impact

Braven, a national organization founded by Chicago native Aimée Eubanks Davis to address the education-to-employment gap, recently released an impressive impact report in celebration of its tenth anniversary. CME Group Foundation has supported Braven since 2019 as part of its College and Career Success portfolio, with funds totaling $250,000. The Foundation’s most recent grant supports Braven Chicago’s Career Accelerator Programs.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, only about 30% of 1.4 million low-income or first-generation college students who enroll each year will graduate and secure a strong first job or enter graduate school. By empowering underrepresented students with the skills, experiences and confidence necessary to succeed, Braven is a part of the solution.


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