CME Group Foundation 2023 Year in Review

In this year’s Dashboard Report series, we review metrics of success across grantmaking initiatives, including Early Childhood Education/Kindergarten Readiness, K-12 Education, Computer Science, and College and Career Success.

2022-2023 Grantmaking

CME Group Foundation strives to empower future generations through education, equipping today’s students to meet tomorrow’s challenges. They will shape the future of the world’s most important industries, including our own, so we support them with the tools they need to achieve their full potential.

2022–2023 Early Childhood Education Initiative

CME Group Foundation seeks to ensure that all of Illinois’ young children are kindergarten-ready and prepared to thrive as they continue their education. The work we support seeks to close gaps in kindergarten readiness that disproportionately impact Black and Latinx communities and families with low incomes.

2022–2023 K‒12 Innovation Initiative

The CME Group Foundation’s K-12 grants help prepare students to succeed in 21st-century careers by supporting innovative programs focused on school leadership, violence prevention, financial education, and computer science.
To learn more about the impact of its computer science grants, please see the computer science [CS] dashboard.

2022–2023 Computer Science Portfolio

This year, the Foundation invested significantly in out-of-school time programs in Chicago’s computer science (CS) deserts, while continuing to support programs in Chicago Public Schools that build pathways for K-12 students to pursue CS in high school and college.

2022–2023 College and Career Success Portfolio

The CME Group Foundation’s College to Career Success grantee partners help students from Chicago’s underrepresented communities and families with low incomes enroll and succeed in post-secondary education, and transition to a strong first job. The Foundation also supports research and policy organizations that advance priorities of the post-secondary and career success fields.

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