The Need for Computer Science in Schools Grows: New Research Findings from CME GroupThe Need for Computer Science in Schools Grows: New Research Findings from CME Group

Computer science (CS) education is an investment in students’ futures, but challenges such as the national teacher shortage have led to fewer educators with the right qualifications to support this important topic.

On February 13, CME Group Foundation released Key Levers for Advancing K-12 Computer Science Education in Chicago, in Illinois, and in the United States. This new research study was commissioned to explore the national momentum for widespread student exposure to CS, as well as the impact of evolving state-level policies and increased funding.

Since 2015, CME Group Foundation has awarded $5.4 million in grants for K-12 CS education – including the Chicago Public Schools CS4All initiative and programs dedicated to underserved communities across Chicago.

For more than a decade, the landscape of K-12 CS education in the United States has undergone rapid changes and 42 states have now implemented policies to ensure CS education reaches their students.

We are proud to share that students engaged in these programs have shown a 90% growth in proficiency for CS and STEM, while 70% of students have expressed interest in STEM careers.

This remarkable growth has created a greater demand for support in both in-school and out-of-school CS learning opportunities. CME Group Foundation strives to empower future generations through education, equipping today’s students to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Find out more about our efforts in this featured article in OpenMarkets and read the full story here.

VIDEO–From Classroom to Space Travel: The Role of CS

CS is not only vital to space exploration, but also a dynamic and integral part of our world.
As the keynote speaker of CME Group Foundation’s K-12 CS Convening, Billy Young from NASA discussed how CS education provides kids with a whole new way of thinking.

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