Our Mission

We strive to empower future generations through education and opportunities, equipping today's students to meet tomorrow's challenges. The next generation will shape the future of the world's most important industries - including our own - so we aim to provide the tools they need to achieve their full potential, including:

  • Providing students from low-income backgrounds the support to succeed in college and their careers.
  • Ensuring equity of access to programs and resources for K-12 students who are typically underrepresented in computer science and financial education.
  • Supporting the early childhood education ecosystem so early learners from low-income communities have equitable resources and high quality classrooms.
  • Providing mental health support with a focus on trauma-responsive needs for girls and young women in school and driving efforts towards systems-level change.

About CME Trust

CME Trust was established by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) in 1969, under the direction of then-chairman, Leo Melamed, to provide financial protection to customers in the event a CME member firm became insolvent or unable to meet its obligations to its customers. CME Trust received approval to distribute its net income to public charities in 2005.