Meet the New CME Group Foundation Scholars

Twenty-five college students are headed back to school with new scholarships from CME Group Foundation. Each selected student received up to $20,000 to further their studies in finance or technology – skills needed to take on the jobs of the future in global derivatives markets that CME Group operates.

We're dedicated to investing in students because they are crucial to our success and future economic well-being.

Kassie Davis
Executive Director of CME Group Foundation

While many scholarships are aimed at helping freshmen start college, the CME Group Foundation Scholars Program is targeted to ensure underrepresented minority sophomores, juniors and seniors can finish their four-year degree. Winners can reapply for up to three years of support.

"We're dedicated to investing in students because they are crucial to our success and future economic well-being," said Kassie Davis, Executive Director of CME Group Foundation. "Our hope is that by offering scholarships to underrepresented students majoring in finance, computer science, math and other similar areas, they'll be well prepared for careers in our industry going forward."

"With this load off my shoulders, I can focus more on my studies," said scholarship recipient Anthony Banuelos, Sophomore at Illinois Institute of Technology. "I will work very hard to prove that I deserve this scholarship, so I can renew it for the next three years."

In addition to the scholarship money, students also got to attend a day of education at CME Group to learn about the markets and career opportunities in the city's financial sector. The students say the scholarships have them excited about applying their skills toward a career in finance and will also provide them access to real-world experience.

Read about the six scholars at Illinois Institute of Technology here and the nine scholars from Loyola here. Applications for the next round of CME Group Foundation scholars will go live in February 2020. Visit for more information.

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