Out-of-School Time with DeSports

The CME Group Foundation Computer Science grant provides crucial support for DePaul to pilot the DeSports program in the 2021 school year. Out-of-school time computer science programs help connect high school students’ passion for gaming to possibilities for their future education and careers in computer science and STEM fields. DeSports focuses on the development of the “4 C’s” at the nexus of 21st century skills and socio-emotional learning – communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity — and related social emotional competencies.

The online setting and communities that are intrinsic to gaming provide participants with robust involvement and interactions that we can leverage to respond to social distancing requirements that might be in place in the fall. We look forward to offering a valuable experience to participants, whether those experiences are in-person or virtual.

Lucia Dettori
Associate Dean, College of Computing & Digital Media, DePaul University

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